UI Shell Framework

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The UI Shell Framework is the part of UII Application Integration Framework that enables developers to build a desktop for hosting integrated applications. The UI Shell Framework has the following components:

  • Desktop Core: Contains core interfaces and classes that implement interfaces, exposed as APIs, which allow you to create a new User Interface Integration (UII) shell. Mais informações: Microsoft.Uii.Desktop.Core

  • Session Manager: These classes are derived from Application Integration Framework sessions and Sessions classes.

  • UI Controls: The UI Shell Framework contains controls such as the WPF panel, windows panel, and floating panel that allow you to create new shells quickly.

  • UI Core: The Core class is the anchor class for all core functions. It provides APIs for adding and removing sessions; managing notifications, the current view of applications, default operational behaviors for workflow management in relationship to current application views, access to service utility functions and methods; and loading and logging on to a UII Desktop (such as Unified Service Desk). This class provides override hooks to allow the developer to intercept, take action, and modify desktop behavior.

  • CTI: UII computer telephony integration (CTI) framework contains core interfaces and classes that allow you to integrate CTI into a UII Desktop (such as Unified Service Desk).

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