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Themes in Unified Service Desk define the look and feel of the agent application. A theme in Unified Service Desk consists of a XAML resource library, and can be placed on any web server and referenced via URL or can be compile into .NET assemblies (dll), and distributed with the agent applications.

Predefined Themes available in Unified Service Desk

Unified Service Desk comes with three predefined themes.

This is the Air theme.

Air theme in Unified Service Desk

This is the Blue theme.

Blue theme in Unified Service Desk

This is the Windows 8 theme.

Windows 8 theme in Unified Service Desk

Set a predefined theme

The SetTheme action for the Global Manager hosted control lets you set a theme in Unified Service Desk. You can create an action call to the SetTheme action, and pass the theme in the Data field using the following syntax to set one of the predefined themes:


The following table provides the syntax for the Data field in your action call to set a predefined theme:


Theme Syntax for the Data field





Win 8


In the sample Unified Service Desk client application, agents can set the theme by clicking the down arrow next to the settings icon at the top-right corner, and then selecting a predefined theme from the Set Theme submenu.

Clicking a theme in the Set Theme submenu makes an action call to the SetTheme action with the appropriate syntax in the Data field as mentioned earlier. For example, this is the action call definition for the Air style:

Action call definition for Air theme

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