Deploy the hosted application to Unified Service Desk

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Once you have created a hosted application as described in Create a HAT hosted application project, you can deploy it to Unified Service Desk. Unified Service Desk is configured on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. You must ensure that all workflow-dependent applications that contain a default workflow include the workflow assembly (.dll file). If the assembly file isn’t found or is deleted, the Type field in the Action XML is set to NULL.

Deploy your hosted application to Unified Service Desk

  1. Right-click the application in Solution Explorer and select Deploy.

    Use the shortcut menu to configure
  2. In the Publish to CRM dialog box, enter the CRM server name and your credentials.

    Publish to CRM dialog box
  3. If there is more than one organization, check the Display list of available organizations check box and click Login.

  4. Select your organization from the list of organizations displayed and click OK.

Verify that the application is successfully deployed

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  2. On the nav bar, choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and then select Settings.

  3. Choose Settings > Unified Service Desk > Hosted Controls.

  4. From the list of hosted controls, select the hosted application you just deployed. In this case, it’s Bing Search.

    List of hosted controls showing Bing Search
  5. The configuration information for the hosted application is displayed.

    Hosted control information dialog box
  6. The bindings you created in Use UII inspector to create bindings for the hosted application are displayed in the Automation XML area.

    Automation bindings
  7. Copy the assembly that you generated in Create a HAT hosted application project from your Visual Studio project output folder (<ProjectFolder>\bin\debug) to the Unified Service Desk application directory. In this case, we will copy the Bing Search.dll file to the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD\USD directory.

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