Hosted control types, actions, and events

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There are various types of predefined hosted controls available in Unified Service Desk to let you build different controls and user experiences in your agent application. For example, to manage all the connections from your agent application to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you create a hosted control of the Connection Manager type. To display data from a CRM page, you create a hosted control of the CRM Page type.

The Ribbon Hosted Control type is for internal use only. You must not use this hosted control type in your agent applications.

The Connection Manager and Global Manager hosted control types are mandatory for a Unified Service Desk agent application to work, and only a single instance of each of these hosted control types must exist in your agent application. Mais informações: Connection Manager (Hosted Control) and Global Manager (Hosted Control)

The four sample applications for Unified Service Desk come preconfigured with an instance of each of these two hosted control types. If you disable any of these hosted controls in an application, the application will not work properly. For more information about the four sample applications, see TechNet: Sample Unified Service Desk applications.

Based on the type of hosted control, a set of predefined UII actions and events are available in Unified Service Desk. UII actions are specific actions that a hosted control can perform. Events are raised by hosted controls, and you can execute a UII action when an event is raised by creating an action call for the UII action, and associating the action call to an event. For information about the predefined actions and events available for each hosted control type, see Hosted control types and action/event reference.

You can also view the predefined UII actions and events for a hosted control in Unified Service Desk. Mais informações: View predefined actions and events for a hosted control

Unified Service Desk provides help about the predefined UII actions and events for hosted controls in the embedded help when you view or work with the UII action or event for the hosted control. Mais informações: View embedded help for actions and events

Most of the predefined hosted controls in Unified Service Desk have a predefined action called default, which calls an action on the hosted control that is marked as default. Since none of the predefined actions for any of the predefined hosted controls are marked as default, calling the default action on any predefined hosted control just loads the respective hosted control. However, for a custom Unified Service Desk hosted control, you can define an action and set it as default so that the action is called when the default action is called on the custom hosted control. Mais informações: USD Hosted Control (Hosted Control)

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