Specifying Virtual WiFi Bus Dependencies

The INF file for an 802.11 miniport driver that supports Virtual WiFi must declare its dependency on the Virtual WiFi Bus. To do this, the INF file must use the Include and Needs INF entries to import specifications for the Virtual WiFi Bus from Netvwifibus.inf. Starting with NDIS 6.20 (Windows 7), this INF file is included in the default installation of Windows.

Within the INF file for a 802.11 miniport driver, the Include and Needs INF entries must be specified in the Ndi keys of the INF file for all Plug and Play (PnP) identifiers that support Virtual WiFi.

The following is an example of how these INF entries would be specified within the INF file.



For more information about the Ndi key, see Creating the Ndi Key.

For more information about the structure of a network INF file, see Sections in a Network INF File.



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