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pointerdown | onpointerdown event

Dispatched when a pointer enters the state of having a non-zero value for the buttons property.

Note  As of Internet Explorer 11, the Microsoft vendor prefixed version of this event (MSPointerDown) is no longer supported. Instead, use the non-prefixed lowercase name, pointerdown, which is better for standards compliance and future compatibility.
Internet Explorer 10



HTML Attribute <element onpointerdown = "handler(event)">
addEventListener Method object.addEventListener("pointerdown", handler, useCapture)


Event information



Event handler parameters

handler [in]

Type: Function

Function to execute when the event is dispatched

Standards information


For mouse, this is when the device has at least one button depressed. For touch, this is when there is physical contact with the digitizer. For pen, this is when the pen has physical contact with the digitizer. For input devices that do not support hover, thepointerover event is fired immediately before the pointerdown event.

Some pointer devices, such as mouse or pen, support multiple buttons. In the DOM Level 3 Events Mouse Event model, each button press produces a mousedown and mouseup event.

Pointer Events do not fire overlapping pointerdown and pointerup events when an additional button is depressed while another button on the pointer device is already depressed. For detecting these cases, see Chorded Button Interactions in the W3C Pointer Events specification.

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