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About the Windows Small Business Server 2008 SDK

Windows Server 2003

The Security tab of the Windows SBS Console presents a default list of security components, the status of each security component, and detailed information related to the selected security component. The Windows Small Business Server 2008 SDK gives a system integrator or software vendor the tools and information to create security add-ins that can be used to monitor even more security components. Security components can be additional software that is installed on the server or additional security components that are installed with Windows SBS 2008. This allows a system administrator to manage network security data from additional sources in a familiar way.

Alerts are used in Windows SBS 2008 to provide information about events. An alert can be used in reports and it can enable users to receive e-mail notifications when a specified event occurs. The Windows Small Business Server 2008 SDK provides the ability to create custom alerts that provide information about a specific event that has occurred, which will enable a system administrator to quickly correct a problem.

You can also use the Windows Small Business Server 2008 SDK to add security components and custom alerts to Windows® Small Business Server 2011 Standard.

The following information will help you get started with the Windows Small Business Server 2008 SDK: