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Namespace Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Common

The Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Common namespace provides classes used by Windows Azure.

CloudClientsRepresents a collection of available clients.
CloudConfigurationRepresents the utilities that are used for retrieving setting values from platform-specific configuration sources.
CloudHttpErrorInfoRepresents the HTTP requests and responses that are associated with error conditions.
CloudHttpRequestErrorInfoRepresents the HTTP requests that are associated with error conditions.
CloudHttpResponseErrorInfoRepresents the HTTP responses that are associated with error conditions.
CloudTracingRepresents the tracing utilities that can be used to monitor client operations.
CloudTracingExtensionsHelper extension methods used by tracing providers.
ServiceClientRepresents the base ServiceClient class.

ICloudSettingsFormatRepresents an interface for the Cloud settings format.
IServiceOperationsRepresents an interface that provides resource groupings of ServiceClient operations.

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