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Supporting Classes for the Forwarding Consumer

A forwarding consumer is a WMI event consumer that forwards WMI events to a target machine. When the events are received at the destination, they are then raised again as WMI events. This feature allows local actions to be taken on WMI events that originated on remote machines.

Note  For more information about support and installation of this component on a specific operating system, see Operating System Availability of WMI Components.

The following table lists the classes for WMI forwarding consumers.

MSFT_FCExecutedTraceEvent Represents an execution of the forwarding consumer.
MSFT_FCTargetTraceEvent Represents an attempt to forward a message to a target.
MSFT_FCTraceEventBase Base class for all forwarding consumer trace events.
MSFT_ForwardingConsumer Represents an event consumer that forwards messages to target computer(s).
MSFT_ForwardedEvent Indicates the arrival of a forwarded event.
MSFT_ForwardedMessageEvent Base class for all forwarded messages.