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Configuration using PowerShell

You can create PowerShell scripts that use these cmdlets to set up or change the configuration of the Service Bus for Windows Server.

To run PowerShell manually and enter configuration cmdlets:

  1. Open the Start menu.

  2. In All Programs, go to Windows Azure Service Bus 1.0. Then click on the Service Bus PowerShell shortcut to launch PowerShell console.

The following table lists the cmdlets that you use to configure the Service Bus for Windows Server. The cmdlets are re-entrant in case of failures. For example, running New-SBFarm will fail if SQL connectivity is lost during the farm configuration. In that case ensure that the SQL Server is up and running and call New-SBFarm again.


Configuration Action PowerShell Cmdlet Effect

Manage farms and nodes


Creates a new farm.


Adds a node to an existing farm.


Removes a node from a farm.

Manage certificates


Replaces the certificate provided to the Service Bus for Windows Server farm. Use this cmdlet to follow a security compliance requirement of changing certificates.


Use this cmdlet to change the key used for securing auto generated certificates. Changing the key regenerates the certificate authority used for auto generation and the auto generated certificates. Therefore, the new CA must be installed on the client machines.


Propagates changes to each machine in a farm. The new certificates must be manually installed on each machine in the farm.


Retrieves the certificate authority that was used for certificate auto generation. This CA is required to be installed on the client machine if the client for the Service Bus for Windows Server is not on the same as server machine.


Displays the farm configuration values.


Displays the farm status values.

Start and stop servers


Starts the services on the machine.


Stops the services on the machine.

Start and stop a Service Bus for Windows Server farm.


Starts the Service Bus for Windows Server service.


Stops the Service Bus for Windows Server service.

Enable and disable participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).


Enables your Customer Experience Improvement participation.


Disables your current Customer Experience Improvement participation.

You can find a script that demonstrates how to create a Service Bus for Windows Server farm in Sample Script for creating a Service Bus Farm.

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