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Mobile Services

Updated: May 9, 2015

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services is a Azure service offering designed to make it easy to create highly-functional mobile apps using Azure. Mobile Services brings together a set of Azure services that enable backend capabilities for your apps. Mobile Services provides the following backend capabilities in Azure to support your apps:

  • Client libraries support mobile app development on various devices, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Simple provisioning and management of tables for storing app data.

  • Integration with notification services to deliver push notifications to your app.

  • Integration with well-known identity providers for authentication.

  • Precise control for authorizing access to tables.

  • Supports scripts to inject business logic into data access operations.

  • Integration with other cloud services.

  • Supports the ability to scale a mobile service instance.

  • Service monitoring and logging.

This page links to topics that help you to understand and get started using Mobile Services on Azure. This page will be updated periodically when new content is available, so check back often to see what’s new. For the most up-to-date information about Mobile Services, see the Mobile Services dev center .

  • Azure blog

    Azure team blog.

  • ScottGu’s blog

    Scott Guthrie’s blog, which frequently features new Azure and Mobile Services features.

  • Silver Lining blog

    Blog focusing on open source and device development in the cloud.

The following is a functional representation of the Mobile Services architecture.

Windows Azure Mobile Services Concepts

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