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How to: Manage Leads

Potential clients who find you on Microsoft Pinpoint can send details of the solution they need. In the Microsoft Partner Center, these client requests will show up as leads for you. New leads generate an email message to the contact in your company profile, and are visible to you on the Leads tab.

Leads are generated in two ways on Pinpoint:

  • The client selects the Connect with Partner link on a partner profile.

  • The client uses the Find a Partner search to contact one or more partners.

To manage your leads, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Partner Center.

  2. Click the Leads tab on the navigation bar.

  3. Select a company name to view the details of the lead and choose to either Accept or Decline.

    • If you Accept, an email message is sent to the client notifying them that you are able to help address their need.

      After accepting a lead:

      • Further communication between you and the client occurs outside of the Partner Center.

      • You will have an opportunity to provide feedback so that Microsoft can measure the success of the service and improve it.

    • If you Decline, an email message is sent to the client explaining that you cannot address their need. You can enter details describing why you could not fulfill the request before the email message is sent.

      After declining a lead:

      • You will be asked to provide details explaining why the lead was not a favorable match, and you can also enter notes for your records.

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