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List Disks


Updated: July 10, 2015

The List Disks operation retrieves a list of the disks in the image repository that is associated with the specified subscription.

The List Disks request may be specified as follows. Replace <subscription-id> with the subscription ID.


Request URI



The following table describes required and optional request headers.

Request Header



Required. Specifies the version of the operation to use for this request. This header should be set to 2012-03-01 or higher.

The response includes an HTTP status code, a set of response headers, and a response body.

A successful operation returns status code 200 (OK).

The response for this operation includes the following headers. The response may also include additional standard HTTP headers.

Response Header



A value that uniquely identifies a request made against the management service.

The format of the response body is as follows:

<Disks xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/windowsazure" xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">

The following table describes the elements of the response body.

Element name



Specifies the affinity group in which the disk is located. The AffinityGroup value is derived from storage account that contains the blob in which the vhd is located. If the storage account does not belong to an affinity group the value is NULL.


Specifies information about the Virtual Machine that is currently using the disk. A disk cannot be deleted as long as it is attached to a Virtual Machine.


Specifies the cloud service in which the disk is being used.


Specifies the deployment in which the disk is being used.


Specifies the Virtual Machine that the disk is attached to.


The operating system type of the image on the disk.

Possible Values are:

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • NULL


Specifies the geo-location in which the disk is located. The Location value is derived from storage account that contains the blob in which the disk is located. If the storage account belongs to an affinity group the value is NULL.


Specifies the size, in GB, of the disk.


Specifies the location of the blob in the blob store in which the media for the disk is located. The blob location belongs to a storage account in the subscription specified by the <subscription-id> value in the operation call.




Specifies the name of the disk. This is the name that is used when you create a Virtual Machine using the disk.


Specifies the name of the OS Image from which the disk was created. This property is populated automatically when a disk is created from an OS image by calling the Add Role or Create Virtual Machine Deployment. operations.


Specifies in UTC format when the disk was created.

The CreatedTime element is only available using version 2014-01-01 or higher.


This property identifies the type of the storage account for the backing VHD.

If the backing VHD is in an Provisioned Storage account, “Provisioned” is returned otherwise “Standard” is returned.

Note: This value is populated by Azure platform when the disk is created, not by the user.

This property is only returned with a version header of 2014-10-01 or newer.