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Azure AD Graph API Prerequisites


Updated: May 26, 2015

To start developing your cloud applications that consume Azure AD Graph, you need to make sure you met the following prerequisites:

  • An Internet connection: Azure AD Graph requires internet connectivity.

  • Azure Subscription: You need to have a valid Azure subscription. You can get a one-month free trial here: Azure Free Trial.

  • Azure AD Tenant Permissions to Access Directory Data: In order to call the Graph API against a directory tenant in Azure AD, a user or tenant administrator must grant access. For more information about granting access, see Accessing the Graph API.

The following prerequisites are optional:

  • Azure AD Graph Code Samples (Optional): While it is not required, we highly recommend downloading the sample applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the Azure AD Graph API. For more information about the code samples available for Azure AD Graph, see Calling Azure AD Graph API.

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Windows PowerShell Cmdlets (Optional): The Azure AD Windows PowerShell Cmdlets can be used by an administrator to perform administrative tasks on Azure AD directory entities. For example, an administrator can use these cmdlets to manage their tenant's users, service principals, and domains. While it is not a strict requirement to install the cmdlets to use Azure AD Graph, if you will be managing service principals you can use these cmdlets to do so. Also, many of the how-to procedures in this documentation create a user in your tenant's directory and you may find the Azure AD cmdlets helpful in removing the user after running the examples. For more information about these cmdlets, see the following topic: Azure AD PowerShell Cmdlets

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