IImportExtensions Ahli

Describes the interface that an Import plugin must implement.

Jadual berikut menyenaraikan ahli yang terdedah kepada jenis IImportExtensions .

  Nama Perihalan
public property CrmSvc Pointer to the CRM service connection.
public property GetExtraProgramLaunchLinkText Returns the launch link text shown on the last page of the package deployer.
public property GetImportLongName Returns the long name of the import.
public property GetImportPackageDescription Retuns the description of the import package.
public property GetImportPackageFolderName Returns the folder name where the import package lives.
public property RootControlDispatcher Parent dispatcher for displaying UI elements.

  Nama Perihalan
public method GetImportName Gets the import name.
public method InitializeExtension Initialize extension functionality.
public method PerApplicationRecordImport Called for each application that is about to be imported.
public method PostImport Called as part of the post Import process.
public method PreImport Called during the preImport Process.
public method RunSolutionUpgradeMigrationStep Is called during a solution upgrade when both solutions, old and Holding, are present in the system.

  Nama Perihalan
public event AddNewProgressItem Describes an event for new progress item.
public event UpdateProgressItem Describes an event for update progress item.

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