Sifat PendulumDots

(lihat juga Dilindungi Sifat)
public propertyActualHeight  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyActualWidth  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyAllowDrop  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCaptured  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyBackground  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyBindingGroup  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyBitmapEffect  Obsolete.  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyBitmapEffectInput  Obsolete.  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyBorderBrush  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyBorderThickness  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyCacheMode  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyClip  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyClipToBounds  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyCommandBindings  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyContent  (diwarisi daripada ContentControl)
public propertyContentStringFormat  (diwarisi daripada ContentControl)
public propertyContentTemplate  (diwarisi daripada ContentControl)
public propertyContentTemplateSelector  (diwarisi daripada ContentControl)
public propertyContextMenu  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyCursor  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyDataContext  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyDelayGets or sets the Delay property. This dependency property indicates the delay between adjacent animation timelines.
public propertyDependencyObjectType  (diwarisi daripada DependencyObject)
public propertyDesiredSize  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyDispatcher  (diwarisi daripada DispatcherObject)
public propertyDotHeightGets or sets the DotHeight property. This dependency property indicates the height of each of the dots.
public propertyDotRadiusXGets or sets the DotRadiusX property. This dependency property indicates the corner radius width of each of the dot.
public propertyDotRadiusYGets or sets the DotRadiusY property. This dependency property indicates the corner height of each of the dots.
public propertyDotWidthGets or sets the DotWidth property. This dependency property indicates the width of each of the dots.
public propertyDurationAGets or sets the DurationA property. This dependency property indicates the duration of the animation from the start point till KeyFrameA.
public propertyDurationBGets or sets the DurationB property. This dependency property indicates the duration of the animation from the KeyFrameA till KeyFrameB.
public propertyDurationCGets or sets the DurationC property. This dependency property indicates the duration of the animation from KeyFrameB till the end point.
public propertyEffect  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyFlowDirection  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyFocusable  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyFocusVisualStyle  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyFontFamily  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyFontSize  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyFontStretch  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyFontStyle  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyFontWeight  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyForceCursor  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyForeground  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyHasAnimatedProperties  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyHasContent  (diwarisi daripada ContentControl)
public propertyHeight  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalAlignment  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalContentAlignment  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyInputBindings  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyInputScope  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsArrangeValid  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsEnabled  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsFocused  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsHitTestVisible  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsInitialized  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsInputMethodEnabled  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocused  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocusWithin  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsLoaded  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsManipulationEnabled  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsMeasureValid  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptured  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptureWithin  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseDirectlyOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsSealed  (diwarisi daripada DependencyObject)
public propertyIsStylusCaptured  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusCaptureWithin  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusDirectlyOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyIsTabStop  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyIsVisible  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyKeyFrameAGets or sets the KeyFrameA property. This dependency property indicates the first KeyFrame position after the initial keyframe.
public propertyKeyFrameBGets or sets the KeyFrameB property. This dependency property indicates the second KeyFrame position after the initial keyframe.
public propertyLanguage  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyLayoutTransform  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyMargin  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxHeight  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxWidth  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinHeight  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinWidth  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyName  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyOpacity  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyOpacityMask  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyOverridesDefaultStyle  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyPadding  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyParent  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyPersistId  Obsolete.  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyRenderSize  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransform  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransformOrigin  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyResources  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyReverseDurationGets or sets the ReverseDuration property. This dependency property indicates the duration of the total animation in reverse.
public propertySnapsToDevicePixels  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyStyle  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyTabIndex  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyTag  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyTemplate  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyTemplatedParent  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyToolTip  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyTotalDurationGets or sets the TotalDuration property. This dependency property indicates the duration of the complete animation.
public propertyTouchesCaptured  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyTouchesCapturedWithin  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyTouchesDirectlyOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyTouchesOver  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyTriggers  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyUid  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyUnlikeWPGets or sets the UnlikeWP property. This dependency property indicates whether the animation should UnlikeWP.
public propertyUseLayoutRounding  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalAlignment  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalContentAlignment  (diwarisi daripada Control)
public propertyVisibility  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
public propertyWidth  (diwarisi daripada FrameworkElement)

  Nama Perihalan
protected property IsEnabledCore  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
protected property StylusPlugIns  (diwarisi daripada UIElement)
protected property VisualChildrenCount  Diganti. (diwarisi daripada Visual)
protected property VisualParent  (diwarisi daripada Visual)

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