Sifat CrmConnectionManager

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public property ConnectedOrgFriendlyName Returns the friendly name of the connected org.
public property ConnectedOrgPublishedEndpoints Returns the endpoint collection for the connected org.
public property ConnectedOrgUniqueName Returns the unique name for the org that has been connected.
public property CrmOnlineDiscoveryServerList Collection of CRM Discovery Servers if a server list has not been submitted to this property, and get is called, a new instance of the CrmOnlineDiscoveryServers is created.
public property CrmOrgsFoundForUser List of Organizations that have been requested by the user.
public property CrmSvc CRM Connection Object.
public property HomeRealmServersList Collection of HomeRealms Loaded by Configuration
public property HostApplicatioNameOveride Used in conjunction with the UseUserLocalDirecotryForConfigStore, Allows you to set a name for the config application to use. This is used when the host application cannot provide a proper AppDomain.Current.FriendlyName
public property LastError last error from the connection manager
public property LastException Last Exception from the connection manager.
public property ParentControl This the parent control that invoked me.
public property ProfileName Profile name to use for this login process.
public property UseUserLocalDirectoryForConfigStore Tells the system to store the user config in the users local app directory instead of the Exe directory.

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