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public methodCancelConnectToServerCheckCancel Connection process.
public methodConnectToServerCheckLebih beban.  
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public methodLoadConfigFromFileLoads the Configuration key's from file b/c some things are missing
public methodRemoveUserLocalDirectoryConfigFileWill remove the user connection data settings from the users app config directory, useable only when the UseUserLocalDirectoryForConfigStore is set to true. this should be called after the connection has been established, or before the connect attempt in order to be effective.
public methodRequireUserLoginThis will check the configuration to determine if a user login is required. and if so, return true.
public methodSaveConfigToFileSave the configuration Keys to the configuration file.
public methodSetConfigKeyInformationSets the current connection information for the server.this can be used to pass in a preconfigured list of keys
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protected method Finalize Diganti. Clean up background worker on exit.
protected method MemberwiseClone  (diwarisi daripada Object)

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