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Provides the low-level interaction and wrapper methods to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and execute actions.

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public property ConnectedOrgFriendlyName Gets the friendly name of the organization that you are connected to.
public property ConnectedOrgPublishedEndpoints Gets the endpoint collection for the organization you are connected to.
public property ConnectedOrgUniqueName Get the unique name of the organization you are connected to.
public property ConnectedOrgVersion Gets the version number of the organization you are connected to. If accessed before you are connected to an organization, null or 0.0 is returned.
public property ConnectionLockObject Gets the connection lock object that is used to control connection access for various threads. This should be used to lock the connection if you are using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM queries via LINQ.
public property CrmConnectOrgUriActual Gets the actual URI used to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This URI could be influenced by user defined variables.
public property IsBatchOperationsAvailable Gets information about the availability of batch operation. If true, batch operations are available.
public property IsReady Gets the service connection status. If true, the service is ready to accept requests.
public property LastCrmError Gets the last error that occurred while attempting to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
public property LastCrmException Gets the last exception that occurred while attempting to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
public property OrganizationServiceProxy Gets the native Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization service.

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public methodAddEntityToQueueRoute an entity to a public queue.
public methodAssignEntityToUserAssign an Entity to the specified user ID
public methodCancelSalesOrderCancel Sales order
public methodCloseActivityCloses the Activity type specified. The Activity Entity type supports fax , letter , and phonecall*Note: This will default to using English names for Status. if you need to use Non-English, you should populate the names for completed for the status and state.
public methodCloseIncidentCloses an Incident request in CRM, this special handling is necessary to support CRM Built In Object.
public methodCloseOpportunityThis will close an opportunity as either Won or lost in CRM
public methodCloseQuoteCloses a quote as won or lost, Revise is not supported via this method
public methodCloseTroubleTicketCloses a Trouble ticket by ID
public methodCreateAnnotationThis creates a annotation [note] entry, related to a an existing entityRequired Properties in the fieldListnotetext (string) = Text of the note,subject (string) = this is the title of the note
public methodCreateBatchOperationRequestCreate a Batch Request for executing batch operations. This returns an ID that will be used to identify a request as a batch request vs a "normal" request.
public methodCreateEntityAssociationAssociates one Entity to another where an M2M Relationship Exists.
public methodCreateMultiEntityAssociationAssociates multiple entities of the same time to a single entity
public methodCreateNewActivityEntryCreates a new activity against the target entity type
public methodCreateNewRecordUses the dynamic entity patter to create a new entity
public methodCreateOrUpdatePickListElementAdds an option to a pick list on an entity.
public methodDeleteEntityDeletes an entity from the CRM
public methodDeleteEntityAssociationRemoves the Association between 2 entity items where an M2M Relationship Exists.
public methodstaticDiscoverOrganizationsLebih beban.  
public methodEquals  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodExecuteBatchBegins running the Batch command.
public methodExecuteCrmEntityDeleteRequestExecutes a row level delete on a CRM entity ( thread safe ) and returns true or false. Also adds metrics for logging support.
public methodExecuteCrmOrganizationRequestExecutes a CRM Organization Request (thread safe) and returns the organization response object. Also adds metrics for logging support.
public methodExecuteWorkflowOnEntityExecutes a named workflow on an object.
public methodGetActivitiesByLebih beban.  
public methodGetAllAttributesForEntityReturns all attributes on a entity
public methodGetAllEntityMetadataReturns a list of entities with basic data from CRM
public methodGetBatchByIdTEMP
public methodGetBatchOperationIdRequestByNameReturns the batch id for a given batch name.
public methodGetBatchRequestAtPositionReturns the organization request at a give position
public methodGetDataByKeyFromResultsSetThis function gets data from a Dictionary object, where "string" identifies the field name, and Object contains the data, this method then attempts to cast the result to the Type requested, if it cannot be cast an empty object is returned.
public methodGetEntityAttributeMetadataForAttributeGets metadata for a specific entity's attribute.
public methodGetEntityDataByFetchSearchLebih beban.  
public methodGetEntityDataByFetchSearchECLebih beban.  
public methodGetEntityDataByIdGets a List of variables from the account based on the list of field specified in the Fields List
public methodGetEntityDataByLinkedSearchLebih beban.  
public methodGetEntityDataByRollupLebih beban.  
public methodGetEntityDataBySearchParamsLebih beban.  
public methodGetEntityDisplayNameGets an Entity Name by Logical name or Type code.
public methodGetEntityDisplayNamePluralGets an Entity Name by Logical name or Type code.
public methodGetEntityFormIdListByTypeReturns the Form Entity References for a given form type.
public methodGetEntityMetadataReturns the Metadata for an entity from CRM, defaults to basic data only.
public methodGetEntityNameReturns the Entity name for the given Type code
public methodGetEntityTypeCodeGets the typecode of an entity by name.
public methodGetGlobalOptionSetMetadataGets a global option set from CRM.
public methodGetHashCode  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodGetMyCrmUserIdGets the user ID of the currently logged in user.
public methodGetPickListElementFromMetadataEntityGets a PickList, Status List or StateList from the metadata of an attribute
public methodGetType  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodImportDataMapToCrmUsed to upload a data map to the CRM
public methodImportSolutionToCrmImports a CRM solution to the CRM Server currently connected.*** Note: this is a blocking call and will take time to Import to CRM ***
public methodInstallSampleDataToCrmRequest CRM to install sample data shipped with CRM. Note this is process will take a few moments to execute.This method will return once the request has been submitted.
public methodIsSampleDataInstalledDetermines if the CRM sample data has been installed
public methodstaticMakeSecureStringMakes a secure string
public methodPublishEntityPublishes an entity to the production system, used in conjunction with the Metadata services.
public methodReleaseBatchInfoByIdRelease a batch from the stack Once you have completed using a batch, you must release it from the system.
public methodResetLocalMetadataCacheThis will clear the Metadata cache for either all entities or the specified entity
public methodRetrieveBatchResponse 
public methodSendSingleEmailSends an email.
public methodSubmitImportRequestStarts an Import request for CRM.Supports a single file per Import request.
public methodToString  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodUninstallSampleDataFromCrmRequest CRM to remove sample data shipped with CRM. Note this is process will take a few moments to execute. This method will return once the request has been submitted.
public methodUpdateEntityGeneric update entity
public methodUpdateStateAndStatusForEntityLebih beban.  

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protected method Finalize  (diwarisi daripada Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (diwarisi daripada Object)

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