GetEntityProperty Ahli

Retrieves the value of an entity attribute and converts the value to the specified type.

Jadual berikut menyenaraikan ahli yang terdedah kepada jenis GetEntityProperty .

  Nama Perihalan
  GetEntityProperty Menetapkan keadaan baharu untukGetEntityProperty class.

(lihat juga Dilindungi Sifat)
public propertyAttributeGets or sets the logical name of the attribute.
public propertyDisplayName  (diwarisi daripada Activity)
public propertyEntityGets or sets the entity record from which to get the attribute value.
public propertyEntityNameGets or sets the logical name of the entity.
public propertyId  (diwarisi daripada Activity)
public propertyTargetTypeGets or sets the type of the value to be retrieved.
public propertyValueGets the value of the specified entity attribute.

  Nama Perihalan
protected property Constraints  (diwarisi daripada Activity)
protected property Implementation  Diganti. (diwarisi daripada Activity)

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public methodEquals  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodGetHashCode  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodGetType  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodShouldSerializeDisplayName  (diwarisi daripada Activity)
public methodToString  Diganti. (diwarisi daripada Object)

  Nama Perihalan
protected method CacheMetadata  Diganti. (diwarisi daripada Activity)
protected method CacheMetadata  (diwarisi daripada CodeActivity)
protected method Execute  (diwarisi daripada CodeActivity)
protected method Finalize  (diwarisi daripada Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (diwarisi daripada Object)

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