Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Workflow Ruang nama

Kelas Perihalan
ArgumentDescriptionAttribute Specifies a description for the argument.
ArgumentDirectionAttribute Specifies the direction, either input or output, for an action argument.
ArgumentEntityAttribute Identifies the argument is an entity to be passed to the workflow at run-time.
ArgumentRequiredAttribute Specifies that the argument is required.
ArgumentTargetAttribute Identifies the argument is the primary entity for which the workflow is run.
AttributeDependency Obsolete.
AttributeTargetAttribute Contains a required attribute of a parameter picklist or status parameter types.
CustomEntityDependency Obsolete.
DefaultAttribute Specifies an optional default value that is assigned to a parameter.
EntityCreatedByDependency Obsolete.
EntityDependencyBase Obsolete.
InputAttribute Specifies an input parameter.
LocalParameterDependency Obsolete.
OutputAttribute Specifies an output parameter.
ParameterAttribute Specifies the abstract base class used for attributes.
ParameterDependencyBase Obsolete.
PreImageDependency Obsolete.
PrimaryEntityDependency Obsolete.
ReferenceTargetAttribute Specifies the required attribute of a parameter for lookup, customer or owner parameter types.
RelatedEntityDependency Obsolete.
WaitSubscription Untuk penggunaan dalaman sahaja.
WorkflowArgument An argument to be passed to a workflow at run-time.
WorkflowDependencyType Contains the integer flags to set the WorkflowDependency.Type attribute.
WorkflowStepActivityStatus Contains values for the workflow step activity status.

Antara Muka Perihalan
IStorageService Untuk penggunaan dalaman sahaja.
IWaitNotificationService Untuk penggunaan dalaman sahaja.
IWorkflowArgument Represents an argument to be supplied to a workflow at run-time.
IWorkflowContext Provides access to the data associated with the process instance.

Struktur Perihalan
XrmTimeSpan Represents a time interval.

Penghitungan Perihalan
ArgumentDirection Contains values for the argument data flow direction.
WorkflowPropertyType Contains values for the property types supported by workflows.

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