Sifat OrganizationWebProxyClient

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public propertyCallerIdGets or sets the ID of the user for whom SDK calls are made on behalf of.
public propertyChannelFactory  (diwarisi daripada ClientBase)
public propertyClientCredentials  (diwarisi daripada ClientBase)
public propertyEndpoint  (diwarisi daripada ClientBase)
public propertyHeaderToken  The access token returned from OAuth authentication. (diwarisi daripada WebProxyClient)
public propertyInnerChannel  (diwarisi daripada ClientBase)
public propertySdkClientVersion  The version of your client application. (diwarisi daripada WebProxyClient)
public propertyState  (diwarisi daripada ClientBase)
public propertySyncOperationTypeUntuk penggunaan dalaman sahaja.

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protected property Channel  (diwarisi daripada ClientBase)

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