CachedOrganizationService Ahli

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

A wrapper class around the IOrganizationService that manages the details of setting up an OrganizationServiceProxy or other arbitrary IOrganizationService objects. When paired with an OrganizationServiceCache object, becomes a cached service. (Developer Extensions)

Jadual berikut menyenaraikan ahli yang terdedah kepada jenis CachedOrganizationService .

  Nama Perihalan
  CachedOrganizationService Lebih beban. Initializes a new instance of the CachedOrganizationService class.

  Nama Perihalan
public property Cache Gets the cache.
public property InnerService  (diwarisi daripada OrganizationService)

(lihat juga Dilindungi Kaedah)
public methodAssociate  Creates a link between records. (Developer Extensions) (diwarisi daripada OrganizationService)
public methodCreateDiganti. Creates a record. (Developer Extensions)
public methodDeleteDiganti. Deletes a record. (Developer Extensions)
public methodDisassociate  Deletes a link between records. (Developer Extensions) (diwarisi daripada OrganizationService)
public methodDispose  (diwarisi daripada OrganizationService)
public methodEquals  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodExecuteLebih beban. Diganti. Executes a message in the form of a request, and returns a response. (Developer Extensions)
public methodGetHashCode  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodGetType  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodInitialize  (diwarisi daripada OrganizationService)
public methodRetrieveDiganti. Retrieves a record. (Developer Extensions)
public methodRetrieveMultipleDiganti. Retrieves a collection of records. (Developer Extensions)
public methodToString  (diwarisi daripada Object)
public methodUpdateDiganti. Updates an existing record. (Developer Extensions)

  Nama Perihalan
public extension method SerializeByJson  Serialize an object using the DataContractJsonSerializer. (Defined by ObjectExtensions.)

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