CrmConfigurationManager Ahli

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Configuration mangager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Extensions. (Developer Extensions)

Jadual berikut menyenaraikan ahli yang terdedah kepada jenis CrmConfigurationManager .

(lihat juga Extension Kaedah)
public methodstaticCreateCacheItemPolicyGets the configured CacheItemPolicy. (Developer Extensions)
public methodstaticCreateConnectionDictionaryCreates and caches connection strings by name.
public methodstaticCreateConnectionStringSettingsCreates and caches connection strings by name.
public methodstaticCreateContextRetrieves the configured OrganizationServiceContext instance.
public methodstaticCreateObjectCacheRetrieves the configured ObjectCache instance.
public methodstaticCreateServiceLebih beban. Retrieves the configured IOrganizationService instance.
public methodstaticCreateServiceCacheLebih beban. Retrieves the configured IOrganizationServiceCache instance.
public methodstaticGetConnectionStringNameFromContextRetrieves the connection string name from the context name.
public methodstaticGetCrmSectionRetrieves the configuration section.
public methodstaticGetObjectCachesRetrieves the cached ObjectCache objects.
public methodstaticResetResets the cached dependencies.

  Nama Perihalan
public extension method SerializeByJson  Serialize an object using the DataContractJsonSerializer. (Defined by ObjectExtensions.)

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