SavedQueryQueryType Ahli

Contains integer values that are used for the SavedQuery.QueryType attribute.

Jadual berikut menyenaraikan ahli yang terdedah kepada jenis SavedQueryQueryType .

  Nama Perihalan
public field static AddressBookFilters An address book filter. Value = 512.
public field static AdvancedSearch An advanced search. Value = 1.
public field static CustomDefinedView A custom view. Value = 16384.
public field static ExportFieldTranslationsView Specifies a view on the Product, DynamicProperty, and DynamicPropertyOptionSetItem entities that can be used to filter out the entities for which labels will be exported using the ExportFieldTranslationRequest message. Value = 65536.
public field static InteractiveWorkflowView A view for a dialog (workflow process). Value = 4096.
public field static LookupView A lookup view. Value = 64.
public field static MainApplicationView Specifies the main application view. Value = 0.
public field static MainApplicationViewWithoutSubject Specifies the main application view without a subject. Value = 1024.
public field static OfflineFilters An offline filter for Dynamics CRM untuk Outlook. Value = 16.
public field static OfflineTemplate An offline template for Dynamics CRM untuk Outlook. Value = 8192.
public field static OutlookFilters A filter for Dynamics CRM untuk Outlook. Value = 256.
public field static OutlookTemplate A template for Dynamics CRM untuk Outlook. Value = 131072.
public field static QuickFindSearch A quick find query, which defines the columns searched using the Search field in a list view. Value = 4.
public field static Reporting A reporting query. Value = 8.
public field static SavedQueryTypeOther A saved query used for workflow templates and email templates. Value = 2048.
public field static SMAppointmentBookView Specifies the service management appointment book view. Value = 128.
public field static SubGrid A subgrid query. Value = 2.

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