IServiceManagement Ahli

An interface which provides a simpler authentication experience.

Jadual berikut menyenaraikan ahli yang terdedah kepada jenis IServiceManagement .

  Nama Perihalan
public property AuthenticationType Gets the type of authentication in use by the identity provider of the service.
public property CrossRealmIssuerEndpoints Gets the available endpoints of the user’s home realm identity provider.
public property CurrentServiceEndpoint Gets or sets the current endpoint in use by a service.
public property IssuerEndpoints Gets the available endpoints of the security token service (STS).
public property PolicyConfiguration Gets the policy configuration that identifies a Secure Token Service (STS).

  Nama Perihalan
public method Authenticate Authenticates the logged on user with the service.
public method CreateChannelFactory Lebih beban. Creates a channel factory.
public method GetIdentityProvider Returns the identity provider used for a specified user when accessing a service.

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