Sifat ConfigurationElementCollection

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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public propertyAllKeysGets all the keys in the ConfigurationElementCollection
public propertyCollectionNameGets or sets the name of the element collection.
public propertyCollectionType  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElementCollection)
public propertyCount  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElementCollection)
public propertyCurrentGets the selected or default element.
public propertyCurrentConfiguration  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertyDefaultGets or sets the default element name.
public propertyElementInformation  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertyEmitClear  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElementCollection)
public propertyIsSynchronized  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElementCollection)
public propertyItemGets or sets the element with the specified key.
public propertyItemGets or sets the element with the specified key.
public propertyLockAllAttributesExcept  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertyLockAllElementsExcept  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertyLockAttributes  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertyLockElements  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertyLockItem  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
public propertySyncRoot  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElementCollection)

  Nama Perihalan
protected property ElementName Diganti. Gets the element name.
protected property EvaluationContext  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElement)
protected property Properties Diganti. Gets the property collection.
protected property ThrowOnDuplicate  (diwarisi daripada ConfigurationElementCollection)

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