UserMapping entity messages and methods

Applies To: CRM Online

The user mapping entity represents a custom claim mapping record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to use a value other than the default value used by CRM Online for authenticating and authorizing CRM users in SharePoint.

The schema name for this entity is UserMapping. Untuk melihat entiti metadata untuk organisasi anda, pasangkan penyelesaian Pelayar Metadata yang diterangkan dalam Browse the metadata for your organization. Anda juga boleh melihat metadata untuk organisasi yang tidak disesuaikan dalam fail Excel yang dipanggil EntityMetadata.xlsx yang disertakan dalam folder peringkat atas muat turun SDK.

The following table describes the messages for this entity, which you use with the IOrganizationService.Execute method.


Message Description


Creates a user mapping record. You can also call the IOrganizationService.Create method.


Deletes a user mapping record. You can also call the IOrganizationService.Delete method.


Retrieves a user mapping record. You can also call the IOrganizationService.Retrieve method.


Retrieves a collection of user mapping records. You can also call the IOrganizationService.RetrieveMultiple method.


Updates a user mapping record. You can also call the IOrganizationService.Update method.

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