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With Kemas Kini 1 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 you can define and apply visual themes for an organization. This provides a supported way to apply an organization’s logo and color choices to the application. You can create a custom theme for your application by making changes to the default colors and visual elements provided in the un-customized CRM system. For example, you can create your personal product branding, add a company logo and provide entity-specific coloring. The theme colors are applied globally throughout the application, with the exception of some legacy areas.

Untuk organisasi Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, ciri ini hanya tersedia jika organisasi anda telah dikemas kini kepada Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1. Ciri ini tidak disediakan bagi Dynamics CRM (di premis).

Theme customization is supported in this release only for the web application. The changes made for an organization's theme are not included in solutions exported from the organization. You can define multiple themes, but only one can be set and published as the default theme.

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Query the current theme

You may need to query the current theme using client-side code if you have a solution with HTML web resources which you want to adapt to theme choices made for an organization. You can use the following query with the OData endpoint to retrieve that information.

          <client_URL>/xrmservices/2011/organizationdata.svc/ThemeSet?$select=ControlBorder,ControlShade,DefaultCustomEntityColor,Name,DefaultEntityColor,GlobalLinkColor,HeaderColor,HoverLinkEffect,NavBarBackgroundColor,LogoToolTip,NavBarShelfColor,ProcessControlColor,SelectedLinkEffect&$filter=IsDefaultTheme eq true

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Edit and publish theme data

A theme is created by using the customization tools in the UI, without requiring a developer to write code. Details about how to apply these customizations can be found in TechNet: Change the color scheme or add a logo to match your organization’s brand.

Most theme data is stored within the Theme entity. Customized colors for specific entities is included in the EntityMetadata.EntityColor property. This data is exported with the entity if the entity is included in a solution.

The following table describes the Theme entity attributes that are valid for update and contain data that is applied by the theme:


Schema Name Type Value of default theme Description




The color that controls will use for borders.




The color for controls to use to indicate when you hover over items.




The default custom entity color if no color is assigned.




The default color for system entities if no color is assigned.




The color for links, such as email addresses or lookups.




The color for header text, such as form tab labels.




The color that commands or lists will use when you hover over the items.




The name of a web resource to use as a logo. Recommended dimensions are a height of 50 pixels and a maximum width of 400 pixels.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The text that will be used as the tooltip and alt text for the logo.



CRM Default Theme

The name of the Theme entity.




The primary navigation bar color.




The secondary navigation bar color.




The primary color for process controls.




The color that commands or lists will use to indicate selected items.

After you have applied changes, use the PublishThemeRequest message to make one of the theme records the current theme.

Exporting and importing themes

Because themes aren’t included as part of a solution, if you want to transfer themes from one organization to another you can use the Configuration Migration tool to generate a schema, export the theme data, and import it into a different organization. For details about how to use this tool, see Manage configuration data.

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