MSDN Magazine: Team System


  • Team System: Team Build 2008 Customization
    Brian A. Randell - March 2009
    See how to modify the default behavior of Team Build, extend your builds with custom tasks, and make use of the enhancements in Team Build 2008 SP1.

  • Team System: Streamline Team Projects With Process Templates
    Brian A. Randell - December 2008
    See how you can streamline your team projects using Process Templates in Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)

  • Team System: Team Build 2008
    Brian A. Randell - November 2008
    Brian Randell introduces you to Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server Build (Team Build). Then he creates and runs a team build.

  • Team System: Essential Power Tools.
    Brian Randell - August 2008
    Brian Randell introduces you to some crucial Power Tools for getting the most out of Team System.

  • Team System: Team Foundation Server Event Service
    Brian A. Randell - May 2008
    Use the Team Foundation Server EventService to create and manage event subscriptions or create a Web service to receive and process events.

  • Team System: Check-in Notes and Policies
    Brian A. Randell - Launch 2008
    Learn how to add check-in notes and check-in policy support to a Word add-in, in this fifth and final installment of an ongoing discussion.

  • Team System: Custom check-in policies
    Brian A. Randell - November 2007
    Team Foundation Server provides APIs that let you create check-in notes (categorized string data) and custom check-in policy implementations. These features combine to give project administrators better control over the group development process.

  • Team System: Work Items and Undo Support
    Brian A. Randell - September 2007
    Add support for work items to the Team Foundation Server version control add-in.

  • Team System: Work Item Tracking
    Brian A. Randell - April 2007
    In this column, Brian Randell explains how to build a simple Work Item explorer and demonstrates the core operations needed to add work item support when building your own add-in.

  • Team System: Team Foundation Server Version Control
    Brian A. Randell - January 2007
    In this new column, Brian Randell begins his long look at how to extend and enhance Visual Studio Team System.