Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements

The new Windows Hardware Certification Program (formerly known as the Windows Logo program) makes it easier to certify your hardware for Windows 8. Use the requirements to build and certify your Windows-compatible devices, systems, and filter drivers across all Windows platforms.

These requirements are the result of our collaboration with our partners and focus on customer scenarios. They are organized by feature and correspond to the tests validated in the Windows Hardware Certification Kit. We have divided the requirements into three sets:

The latest version of the requirements supporting Windows Next is only available as a PDF download.


Category Description

Windows Hardware Certification Requirements for Client and Server Systems

System requirements for certifying Windows 8 systems including client and server.

Windows Hardware Certification Requirements: Devices

Device requirements for certifying a stand-alone device (integrated or external).

Windows Hardware Certification Requirements - Filter Driver

Filter driver requirements for certifying and signing Windows Filtering Platform drivers (WPF), file systems filter drivers, antivirus filter drivers, and Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) filter drivers.

For a downloadable version (.PDF) of the requirements, see Windows 8 Hardware Certification Requirements (.PDF)

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