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Windows.Phone.Speech.Recognition namespace

Enables speech recognition for Windows Phone apps.


The Windows.Phone.Speech.Recognition namespace has these types of members:


InstalledSpeechRecognizers Returns speech recognizers that are available on the phone.
SemanticProperty Provides information about a semantic property.
SpeechAudioProblemOccurredEventArgs The arguments for the AudioProblemOccurred event.
SpeechGrammar A runtime object that references a speech recognition grammar.
SpeechGrammarSet Represents a collection of grammars that are associated with a SpeechRecognizer or SpeechRecognizerUI instance.
SpeechRecognitionResult The result of a speech recognition session.
SpeechRecognitionResultDetail Provides further detail about the result of the speech recognition session, including the confidence level and the rule that was triggered to return the phrase.
SpeechRecognitionUIResult The result of a speech recognition session that was initiated by the SpeechRecognizerUI object.
SpeechRecognizer Enables speech recognition that uses a custom graphical user interface (GUI).
SpeechRecognizerAudioCaptureStateChangedEventArgs The arguments for the AudioCaptureStateChanged event.
SpeechRecognizerInformation Contains information about a speech recognizer. This class enables developers to select a speech recognizer using any of its properties, such as a specific language.
SpeechRecognizerSettings Adjusts the timeout settings of a SpeechRecognizer object.
SpeechRecognizerUI Enables speech recognition with a default graphical user interface (GUI).
SpeechRecognizerUISettings Gets or sets the settings of the SpeechRecognizerUI object.



The Windows.Phone.Speech.Recognition namespace has these enumerations.

SpeechGrammarProbability An enumeration that indicates the weighted value of a grammar for speech recognition.
SpeechPredefinedGrammar Indicates the predefined grammar type.
SpeechRecognitionAudioProblem Represents the type of audio problem that occurred.
SpeechRecognitionConfidence Represents the confidence level that describes how accurately a spoken phrase was matched to a phrase in an active grammar.
SpeechRecognitionUIStatus Indicates the status of the speech recognition session that was initiated by the SpeechRecognizerUI object.
SpeechRecognizerAudioCaptureState An enumeration that contains all audio capture states.




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