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MessageBoxButton Enumeration

Specifies the buttons to include when you display a message box.

Namespace:  System.Windows
Assembly:  System.Windows (in System.Windows.dll)

public enum MessageBoxButton

Member nameDescription
OKDisplays only the OK button.
OKCancelDisplays both the OK and Cancel buttons.

This enumeration is used by the MessageBox.Show(String, String, MessageBoxButton) method overload.

The following code example demonstrates how to use this enumeration.

MessageBoxResult result = 
    MessageBox.Show("Would you like to see the simple version?", 
    "MessageBox Example", MessageBoxButton.OKCancel);

if (result == MessageBoxResult.OK)
    MessageBox.Show("No caption, one button.");

Windows Phone OS

Supported in: 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0

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