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System.Windows.Documents Namespace

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

Contains types that support basic document concepts inWindows Phone.

Public classBlockAn abstract class that provides a base for all block-level content elements.
Public classBlockCollectionRepresents a collection of Block elements.
Public classBoldProvides an inline-level content element that causes content to render with a bold font weight.
Public classFontSourceRepresents one or more fonts created from a stream.
Public classGlyphsProvides a visual representation of letters, characters, or symbols, in a specific font and style.
Public classHyperlinkProvides an inline-level content element that provides facilities for hosting hyperlinks.
Public classInlineProvides a base for inline flow content element behavior.
Public classInlineCollectionRepresents a collection of Inline elements.
Public classInlineUIContainerProvides an inline content element that enables UIElement types to be embedded in content.
Public classItalicProvides an inline-level flow content element that causes content to render with an italic font style.
Public classLineBreakRepresents an inline element that causes a new line to begin in content when rendered in a text container.
Public classParagraphProvides a block-level content element that is used to group content into a paragraph.
Public classRunRepresents a discrete section of formatted or unformatted text.
Public classSectionA block-level element used for grouping other Block elements.
Public classSpanGroups other Inline content elements.
Public classTextElementAn abstract class used as the base class for the abstract Block and Inline classes.
Public classTextElementCollection<T>Provides standard facilities for creating and managing a type-safe, ordered collection of TextElement objects.
Public classTextPointerRepresents a position within a RichTextBox.
Public classTextSelectionEncapsulates the selection state for the RichTextBox control.
Public classTypographyProvides access to a rich set of OpenType typography properties. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classUnderlineProvides an inline-level content element that causes content to render with an underlined text decoration.

Public enumerationLogicalDirectionSpecifies a logical direction in which to perform certain text operations, such as inserting, retrieving, or navigating through text relative to a specified position (a TextPointer).

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