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MediaElement Fields

  Name Description
Public field Static BalanceProperty Identifies the Balance dependency property.
Public field Static BufferingEndedEvent Identifies the BufferingEnded routed event.
Public field Static BufferingStartedEvent Identifies the BufferingStarted routed event.
Public field Static IsMutedProperty Identifies the IsMuted dependency property.
Public field Static LoadedBehaviorProperty Identifies the LoadedBehavior dependency property.
Public field Static MediaEndedEvent Identifies the MediaEnded routed event.
Public field Static MediaFailedEvent Identifies the MediaFailed routed event.
Public field Static MediaOpenedEvent Identifies the MediaOpened routed event.
Public field Static ScriptCommandEvent Identifies the ScriptCommand routed event.
Public field Static ScrubbingEnabledProperty Identifies the ScrubbingEnabled dependency property.
Public field Static SourceProperty Identifies the Source dependency property.
Public field Static StretchDirectionProperty Identifies the StretchDirection dependency property.
Public field Static StretchProperty Identifies the Stretch dependency property.
Public field Static UnloadedBehaviorProperty Identifies the UnloadedBehavior dependency property.
Public field Static VolumeProperty Identifies the Volume dependency property.

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