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TimeSpan::Subtraction Operator

Subtracts a specified TimeSpan from another specified TimeSpan.

Namespace:  System
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

static TimeSpan operator -(
	TimeSpan t1, 
	TimeSpan t2


Type: System::TimeSpan

A TimeSpan.

Type: System::TimeSpan

A TimeSpan.

Return Value

Type: System::TimeSpan
A TimeSpan whose value is the result of the value of t1 minus the value of t2.


The return value is less than MinValue or greater than MaxValue.

The following code example creates several pairs of TimeSpan objects and calculates their difference with the Subtraction operator.

// Example of the TimeSpan Addition and Subtraction operators. 
using namespace System;

// Pad the end of a TimeSpan string with spaces if it does not  
// contain milliseconds.
String^ Align( TimeSpan interval )
   String^ intervalStr = interval.ToString();
   int pointIndex = intervalStr->IndexOf( ':' );
   pointIndex = intervalStr->IndexOf( '.', pointIndex );
   if ( pointIndex < 0 )
      intervalStr = String::Concat( intervalStr, "        " );

   return intervalStr;

// Display TimeSpan parameters and their sum and difference. 
static void ShowTimeSpanSumDiff( TimeSpan Left, TimeSpan Right )
   String^ dataFmt = "{0,-18}{1,24}";
   Console::WriteLine( dataFmt, "TimeSpan Left", Align( Left ) );
   Console::WriteLine( dataFmt, "TimeSpan Right", Align( Right ) );
   Console::WriteLine( dataFmt, "Left + Right", Align( Left + Right ) );
   Console::WriteLine( dataFmt, "Left - Right", Align( Left - Right ) );

int main()
   Console::WriteLine( "This example of the TimeSpan " 
   "Addition and Subtraction \noperators generates the " 
   "following output by creating \nseveral pairs of " 
   "TimeSpan objects and calculating and \ndisplaying " 
   "the sum and difference of each." );

   // Create pairs of TimeSpan objects.
   ShowTimeSpanSumDiff( TimeSpan(1,20,0), TimeSpan(0,45,10) );
   ShowTimeSpanSumDiff( TimeSpan(1,10,20,30,40), TimeSpan( -1,2,3,4,5) );
   ShowTimeSpanSumDiff( TimeSpan(182,12,30,30,505), TimeSpan(182,11,29,29,495) );
   ShowTimeSpanSumDiff( TimeSpan(888888888888888), TimeSpan(999999999999999) );

This example of the TimeSpan Addition and Subtraction
operators generates the following output by creating
several pairs of TimeSpan objects and calculating and
displaying the sum and difference of each.

TimeSpan Left             01:20:00
TimeSpan Right            00:45:10
Left + Right              02:05:10
Left - Right              00:34:50

TimeSpan Left           1.10:20:30.0400000
TimeSpan Right           -21:56:55.9950000
Left + Right              12:23:34.0450000
Left - Right            2.08:17:26.0350000

TimeSpan Left         182.12:30:30.5050000
TimeSpan Right        182.11:29:29.4950000
Left + Right          365.00:00:00
Left - Right              01:01:01.0100000

TimeSpan Left        1028.19:21:28.8888888
TimeSpan Right       1157.09:46:39.9999999
Left + Right         2186.05:08:08.8888887
Left - Right         -128.14:25:11.1111111

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