AssemblyName Properties

The AssemblyName type exposes the following members.

Public property CodeBase Gets or sets the location of the assembly as a URL.
Public property ContentType Gets or sets a value that indicates what type of content the assembly contains.
Public property CultureInfo Gets or sets the culture that is supported by the assembly.
Public property CultureName Gets or sets the name of the culture associated with the assembly.
Public property Flags Gets or sets the attributes of the assembly.
Public property FullName Gets the full name of the assembly, also known as the display name.
Public property HashAlgorithm Gets or sets the hash algorithm used by the assembly manifest.
Public property Name Gets or sets the simple name of the assembly. This is usually, but not necessarily, the file name of the manifest file of the assembly, minus its extension.
Public property Version Gets or sets the major, minor, build, and revision numbers of the assembly.
Public property VersionCompatibility Gets or sets information related to the assembly's compatibility with other assemblies.

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