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System.Net.NetworkInformation Namespace

The System.Net.NetworkInformation namespace provides access to network traffic data, network address information, and notification of address changes for the local computer. The namespace also contains classes that implement the Ping utility. You can use Ping and related classes to check whether a computer is reachable across the network.

Public classGatewayIPAddressInformationRepresents the IP address of the network gateway. This class cannot be instantiated.
Public classGatewayIPAddressInformationCollectionStores a set of GatewayIPAddressInformation types.
Public classIcmpV4StatisticsProvides Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv4 (ICMPv4) statistical data for the local computer.
Public classIcmpV6StatisticsProvides Internet Control Message Protocol for Internet Protocol version 6 (ICMPv6) statistical data for the local computer.
Public classIPAddressCollectionStores a set of IPAddress types.
Public classIPAddressInformationProvides information about a network interface address.
Public classIPAddressInformationCollectionStores a set of IPAddressInformation types.
Public classIPGlobalPropertiesProvides information about the network connectivity of the local computer.
Public classIPGlobalStatisticsProvides Internet Protocol (IP) statistical data.
Public classIPInterfacePropertiesProvides information about network interfaces that support Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) or Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Public classIPv4InterfacePropertiesProvides information about network interfaces that support Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4).
Public classIPv4InterfaceStatisticsProvides statistical data for a network interface on the local computer.
Public classIPv6InterfacePropertiesProvides information about network interfaces that support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Public classMulticastIPAddressInformationProvides information about a network interface's multicast address.
Public classMulticastIPAddressInformationCollectionStores a set of MulticastIPAddressInformation types.
Public classNetworkAvailabilityEventArgsProvides data for the NetworkAvailabilityChanged event.
Public classNetworkChangeAllows applications to receive notification when the Internet Protocol (IP) address of a network interface, also called a network card or adapter, changes.
Public classNetworkInformationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an error occurs while retrieving network information.
Public classNetworkInformationPermissionControls access to network information and traffic statistics for the local computer. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classNetworkInformationPermissionAttributeAllows security actions for NetworkInformationPermission to be applied to code using declarative security.
Public classNetworkInterfaceProvides configuration and statistical information for a network interface.
Public classPhysicalAddressProvides the Media Access Control (MAC) address for a network interface (adapter).
Public classPingAllows an application to determine whether a remote computer is accessible over the network.
Public classPingCompletedEventArgsProvides data for the PingCompleted event.
Public classPingExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a Send or SendAsync method calls a method that throws an exception.
Public classPingOptionsUsed to control how Ping data packets are transmitted.
Public classPingReplyProvides information about the status and data resulting from a Send or SendAsync operation.
Public classTcpConnectionInformationProvides information about the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections on the local computer.
Public classTcpStatisticsProvides Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) statistical data.
Public classUdpStatisticsProvides User Datagram Protocol (UDP) statistical data.
Public classUnicastIPAddressInformationProvides information about a network interface's unicast address.
Public classUnicastIPAddressInformationCollectionStores a set of UnicastIPAddressInformation types.

Public delegateNetworkAddressChangedEventHandlerReferences one or more methods to be called when the address of a network interface changes.
Public delegateNetworkAvailabilityChangedEventHandlerReferences one or more methods to be called when the availability of the network changes.
Public delegatePingCompletedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the PingCompleted event of a Ping object.

Public enumerationDuplicateAddressDetectionStateSpecifies the current state of an IP address.
Public enumerationIPStatusReports the status of sending an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo message to a computer.
Public enumerationNetBiosNodeTypeSpecifies the Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) node type.
Public enumerationNetworkInformationAccessSpecifies permission to access information about network interfaces and traffic statistics.
Public enumerationNetworkInterfaceComponentSpecifies the Internet Protocol versions that are supported by a network interface.
Public enumerationNetworkInterfaceTypeSpecifies types of network interfaces.
Public enumerationOperationalStatusSpecifies the operational state of a network interface.
Public enumerationPrefixOriginSpecifies how an IP address network prefix was located.
Public enumerationSuffixOriginSpecifies how an IP address host suffix was located.
Public enumerationTcpStateSpecifies the states of a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection.
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