GregorianCalendar Properties

The GregorianCalendar type exposes the following members.

Public property CalendarType Gets or sets the GregorianCalendarTypes value that denotes the language version of the current GregorianCalendar.
Public property Eras Gets the list of eras in the GregorianCalendar. (Overrides Calendar.Eras.)
Public property IsReadOnly Gets a value indicating whether this Calendar object is read-only. (Inherited from Calendar.)
Public property MaxSupportedDateTime Gets the latest date and time supported by the GregorianCalendar type. (Overrides Calendar.MaxSupportedDateTime.)
Public property MinSupportedDateTime Gets the earliest date and time supported by the GregorianCalendar type. (Overrides Calendar.MinSupportedDateTime.)
Public property TwoDigitYearMax Gets or sets the last year of a 100-year range that can be represented by a 2-digit year. (Overrides Calendar.TwoDigitYearMax.)

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