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System.Diagnostics.SymbolStore Namespace

The System.Diagnostics.SymbolStore namespace provides classes that allow you to read and write debug symbol information, such as source line to Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) maps. Compilers targeting the .NET Framework can store the debug symbol information into programmer's database (PDB) files. Debuggers and code profiler tools can read the debug symbol information at run time.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
SymDocumentType Holds the public GUIDs for document types to be used with the symbol store.
SymLanguageType Holds the public GUIDs for language types to be used with the symbol store.
SymLanguageVendor Holds the public GUIDs for language vendors to be used with the symbol store.


Interface Description
ISymbolBinder Represents a symbol binder for managed code.
ISymbolDocument Represents a document referenced by a symbol store.
ISymbolDocumentWriter Represents a document referenced by a symbol store.
ISymbolMethod Represents a method within a symbol store.
ISymbolNamespace Represents a namespace within a symbol store.
ISymbolReader Represents a symbol reader for managed code.
ISymbolScope Represents a lexical scope within ISymbolMethod, providing access to the start and end offsets of the scope, as well as its child and parent scopes.
ISymbolVariable Represents a variable within a symbol store.
ISymbolWriter Represents a symbol writer for managed code.


Structure Description
SymbolToken The SymbolToken structure is an object representation of a token that represents symbolic information.


Enumeration Description
SymAddressKind Specifies address types for local variables, parameters, and fields in the methods DefineLocalVariable, DefineParameter, and DefineField.

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