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Geometry Hierarchy

The following table lists the classes derived from System.Windows.Media.Geometry .

Class Description
System.Windows.Media.CombinedGeometry Represents a 2-D geometric shape defined by the combination of two Geometry objects.
System.Windows.Media.EllipseGeometry Represents the geometry of a circle or ellipse.
System.Windows.Media.GeometryGroup Represents a composite geometry, composed of other Geometry objects.
System.Windows.Media.LineGeometry Represents the geometry of a line. This class cannot be inherited.
System.Windows.Media.PathGeometry Represents a complex shape that may be composed of arcs, curves, ellipses, lines, and rectangles.
System.Windows.Media.RectangleGeometry Describes a two-dimensional rectangle.
System.Windows.Media.StreamGeometry Defines a geometric shape, described using a StreamGeometryContext. This geometry is light-weight alternative to PathGeometry: it does not support data binding, animation, or modification.

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