UserAction Enumeration

Indicates the possible user actions.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Phone.BackgroundAudio
Assembly:  Microsoft.Phone (in Microsoft.Phone.dll)

public enum UserAction
<object property="enumerationValue" .../>

Member nameDescription
StopStop playback.
PausePause playback.
PlayPlay or resume playback.
SkipNextSkip to the next track.
SkipPreviousSkip to the previous track.
FastForwardFast-forward the current track.
RewindRewind the current track.
SeekSeek to a position within the current track.

This does not represent actual state changes in the player, but rather actions the user has taken through the user interface, which may or may not result in actual changes to the player.

These actions can come from either the application's user interface or the Universal Volume Control (UVC) buttons.

FastForward and Rewind actions require the user to tap and hold the SkipNext and SkipPrevious buttons, respectively.

Windows Phone OS

Supported in: 8.1, 8.0, 7.1

Windows Phone

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