Windows Phone Emulator overview

Windows Phone Emulator overview

Windows Phone Emulator is a desktop application that emulates Windows Phone devices. It provides a virtual environment in which you can develop, debug, and test applications.

The Windows Phone Emulator also provides a virtual environment for early application prototypes. By using the Windows Phone Emulator, you can walk through common application scenarios without a physical device. This can reduce the cost of developing applications for Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone Emulator

By default, uses the Windows Phone Emulator for debugging and testing a Windows Phone project. You can change this behavior by modifying the settings in the Device panel. For more information about modifying the device settings, see Modify the Device panel settings

For more detailed information about the Windows Phone Emulator, including changed features from the Windows Phone 7 Emulator, app features you can test, and descriptions of features and limitations, see Windows Phone Emulator on the Windows Phone Dev Center.

The Windows Phone Emulator supports the following:

  • Testing your app on WVGA, WXGA, and 720p screen resolutions.

  • Testing your Windows Phone 8- or Windows Phone 7.1-targeted app on images that emulate memory-constrained devices.

  • Integrated networking.

  • Simulating GPS and accelerometer data.

  • Multiple languages.

  • Taking app screenshots that satisfy requirements for Windows Store.

  • Using the host keyboard computer as a hardware keyboard.

  • Using isolated storage, which will be available while the emulator is running.

  • Testing using muli-touch, if you have a host computer that supports multi-touch input.

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