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URI schemes for launching built-in apps for Windows Phone 8

This topic lists the URI schemes that can be used to launch built-in apps. Many of the apps built into Windows Phone can be launched from your app by calling LaunchUriAsync(Uri), passing in a URI that uses the scheme associated with the app you want to launch. For example, the following call launches the Bluetooth Settings app.

Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new Uri(“ms-settings-bluetooth:”));

Launching built-in apps this way is supported for both managed apps and Direct3D apps.

The following table lists the URI schemes for launching built-in apps.

URI scheme



Launches the web browser and navigates to the specified URL.

mailto:[email address]

Launches the email app and creates a new message with the specified email address on the To line. Note that the email is not sent until the user taps send.


Launches the Airplane Mode Settings app.


Launches the Bluetooth Settings app.


Launches the Cellular Settings app.


Launches the email and accounts settings app.


Launches the Location Settings app.


Launches the Lock Screen settings app.


Launches the Battery Saver settings app.


Launches the Screen Rotation settings app.

Important noteImportant Note:
Your apps can only use this feature on devices that have Windows Phone 8 Update 3. This typically requires conditional logic in your code to test whether a device has Windows Phone 8 Update 3.

You can use the following code to test whether a device has Windows Phone 8 Update 3.

private static Version TargetedVersion = new Version(8, 0, 10492);
public static bool IsTargetedVersion
    get { return Environment.OSVersion.Version >= TargetedVersion; }


Launches the Wi-Fi Settings app.

zune:navigate?appid=[app ID]

Launches the Windows Phone Store and shows the details page for the specified app.


Launches the Store and shows the review page for the calling app.

zune:reviewapp?appid=app[app ID]

Launches the Store and shows the review page for the specified app. Note that you must prepend “app” to the ID for the specified app. For example, the URI for reviewing an app with the ID fdf05477-814e-41d4-86cd-25d5a50ab2d8 would be zune:reviewapp?appid=appfdf05477-814e-41d4-86cd-25d5a50ab2d8

zune:search?keyword=[search keyword]&publisher=[publisher name]&contenttype=app

Launches the Store and searches for the specified content. All parameters are optional. Specifying “contenttype=app” will limit the search to apps. Omitting this parameter will search all content.

zune:search?keyword=[search keyword]&contenttype=app

Launches the Store and searches for apps by keyword.

zune:search?publisher=[publisher name]

Launches the Store and searches for items by publisher name.

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