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Targeted app distribution

Important noteImportant Note:

This topic applies to the earlier Windows Phone Dev Center dashboard and not the new unified Dev Center dashboard. Since we are still in the process of migrating all developer accounts, the info here may not apply if your account has already been migrated to the new dashboard. For more info, see Using the unified Dev Center dashboard.

Targeted app distribution is the process of releasing your app through the Windows Phone Dev Center while keeping it hidden in the Windows Phone Store. Like the beta testing process, you can send a link to your app to a targeted set of users.

You configure your app for targeted distribution during the Dev Center app submission process. In step 1, App info, under More options, in the Distribution channels section, click Hide from users browsing or searching the Store. Save your changes and then finish the submission process for your app. For more info about the app submission process, see Customize and sell.

When your app has passed certification and is published or ready to be published, we’ll send you an e-mail. After the app is published, you can find the Store link to the app in the app Detail view in the Dev Center. Copy the link and then send it to all users who you want to be able install your app. You can use Dev Center Ratings and review data to learn what your reviewers are saying about your app.

You can un-hide your app in the Store at any time. To do this, in the Dev Center, on the Lifecycle page of your app, select the Show app in Store action.

Here are some answers to common questions about targeted app distribution.

  • Apps with targeted distribution settings go through the same submission and certification processes as standard apps.

  • There’s no limit to the number of users you can target to download your app. Anyone who has the link to your app can get the app and install it.

  • You can have your app in targeted distribution for an unlimited length of time.

  • If your country or region supports payout, apps submitted for targeted distribution can be either paid or free.

If you need additional help, contact us through Windows Phone Dev Center support.

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