Understanding app and in-app product submission

Applies to Windows Phone

When you submit a new app, in-app product, or an update to an existing app or in-app product on Windows Phone Dev Center, you can follow its progress through the different states of certification. Here’s some info to help you understand how this process works and what you’ll see in Dev Center as it takes place.


You can use in-app products only in apps for Windows Phone 8 and later versions.

Here’s what happens when you submit an app, in-app product, or update:

  • We’ll verify that it meets the certification requirements specified in App certification requirements for Windows Phone. All apps and in-app products must comply with these policies and requirements before they can be published in the Windows Phone Store.

  • Your submission passes certification and is either published to Store if submitted using the Automatically, as soon as it’s certified option or put into Ready to be published state if submitted using the Manually publish option, or it fails certification and must be edited and resubmitted.

  • All apps and in-app products offered through the Store must comply with the technical, functional, content, and other policy requirements.  We may also evaluate your app after it becomes available in the Store to verify compliance. If your app requires an update, we will send you a report notifying you what changes need to be made and when these changes need to be implemented. If your app is unpublished from the Store, you will be notified. In this case, please review App certification requirements for Windows Phone before submitting a new app to the Store.

You can see the progress of your app or in-app product submission in the Messages section of the Dashboard. You can also see the status in Lifecycle and My apps. Here are the different states used to keep you informed about your submission.


Some of these states don’t apply to in-app products, but you may still see them briefly in Dev Center when you submit an in-app product. That’s because each submission goes through every state, even if the inapplicable state is quickly skipped.

Submission status



Not completed

You have started a submission but haven’t submitted it yet.


Processing submission

We have started processing your submission.


Package processing failed

One or more packages in the submission have failed static validation. You need to fix the errors and upload a new package.


In signing stage

Packages in the submission are being signed so that they are trusted on Windows Phone.


Signing passed or

Packages in the submission have been successfully signed.

Signing failed or

One or more packages in the submission failed signing.

Malware detected

One or more packages in the submission failed signing since malware was detected.


Pending certification

Your submission has been submitted for certification. Please be patient as this stage is the longest to complete.


Certification passed or

Your submission has successfully passed through certification.

Certification failed

Your submission has failed certification. You can view the certification failure details by visiting Dev Center.


Ready to be published

Your submission has passed certification and is ready to be published to users. If you are publishing manually, on your app’s or in-app product’s Lifecycle view, click Publish.



The submission has been applied and your app or in-app product has been created or updated accordingly. It may take up to 24 hours for the app or in-app product (new or update) to show up in the Store.


Submission canceled

Your submission has been canceled. You are free to edit and resubmit.


Canceled by Microsoft

Your submission was canceled by Microsoft. You can view the certification report details by visiting your dashboard on Dev Center.

After a submission has been published, you can submit an update to the app or in-app product. Resubmitting ensures that the updated functionality changes meet the content policy guidelines and work as designed.

All edits are done through actions called Update app or Update in-app product. When the update is submitted, the system identifies the kind of change that was made to the app or in-app product. If only the price was changed, the submission should go through much more quickly since it doesn’t need to go through some of the stages explained above. If we detect that one or more certification-triggering updates were made, the submission will need to be recertified and will take longer. The entire submission moves forward as one unit and will be published together. For example, if you updated a package and changed the price tier, then both of these will be made live at the same time.

Any of the following updates will trigger certification:

  • App

    • Category changes

    • Addition of game rating certificate

  • Offers

    • Addition of countries or regions with stricter content rules

  • Packages

    • Addition of new packages or update of existing packages

    • Description changes

    • Tile changes

    • Screenshot changes

You can click Cancel submission at any time after your app or in-app product has been submitted. After your submission has been canceled, you are free to edit and resubmit the app or in-app product. The cancel option is displayed only when your submission is in a state where canceling is valid.

If your app or in-app product needs to be certified, it will take us up to 5 to 7 business days to make sure it meets our certification requirements. If not, the changes you’ve made will be available to publish or made live within 24 hours. We’ll send you an email when your app is ready or if we have more questions about your submission. If you need further help, contact us through Dev Center support.

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