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Respond to customer reviews

Important noteImportant Note:

This topic applies to the earlier Windows Phone Dev Center dashboard and not the new unified Dev Center dashboard. Since we are still in the process of migrating all developer accounts, the info here may not apply if your account has already been migrated to the new dashboard. For more info, see Using the unified Dev Center dashboard.

In some cases, the best approach is a direct approach. Using the respond to reviews feature on the Windows Phone Store Dashboard is one way to let customers know you’re listening to their feedback. With a review response, you can tell customers about the features you’ve added or bugs you’ve fixed based on their comments, or get more specific feedback on how to improve your app. This feature shouldn’t be used for marketing purposes.


You won't be able to respond to reviews created on devices outside the U.S. that aren’t running Windows Phone 8.1, or to reviews written by customers who have chosen not to receive review responses.

Sign in to the Windows Phone Store Dashboard, select one of your published Windows Phone apps, then go to the Reviews tab. Click the Respond button beside the customer’s review, write your response in the text box that appears (no more than 1024 characters), then press Send.

Screenshot of a review response in the Dashboard.


If this feature is enabled for your account, the Respond option will automatically appear in the Reviews section.

When you send a review response, the customer will receive it via an email from Microsoft. This email will also include your app’s support email address, which the customer can then use to contact you directly.

If you didn’t list a support email address for your app during the submission process, you can add one to the app’s Upload and describe your app package(s) page and resubmit the app. Not sure how to submit an update? See Guidance for app management for Windows Phone.


You won’t receive a customer’s personal contact information through this feature; Microsoft sends your review response directly to the customer.

  1. Don’t include any marketing content or ads in your response: your reviewer is already your customer.

  2. Don’t promote other apps or services in your response.

  3. Your response should be directly related to the specific app and review. Duplicating the same response to a large number of users isn’t allowed if the canned response doesn’t address the same question.

  4. Don’t include any profane, aggressive, personal, or malicious comments in your response. Always be polite and keep in mind that happy customers will likely be your app’s biggest promoters.

As a reminder, attempts to manipulate ratings are not permitted under the Application Developer Agreement. Therefore, you should not offer any type of compensation, including digital app items, to users for changing the app rating.


Microsoft retains the right to revoke a developer’s permission to send responses for any reason.

A customer can report an inappropriate review response from a developer through the Report Concern link in the Details section of an app’s Store description. As noted earlier, Microsoft retains the right to revoke developer access to this feature.

Shows Report Concern link in app's Details section

Your relationship with your customers is your own. Microsoft doesn’t get involved if there are disputes between developers and customers. However, if you think that a customer’s review of your app violates content policies, please submit a support ticket.

Listening and responding to your customers is only the beginning. Acting on their feedback is also critical. If you make significant updates to your app, showcase them in the Store with confidence. To learn more about updating and maintaining your app, see Guidance for app management for Windows Phone.

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