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Imagine you’re going on a big international trip and you’ve got a checklist to help you remember to bring everything. You pack your bags, you have your flight info handy, and you’ve got your passport. You’re ready to go.

Think along these lines when you submit apps and in-app products into Windows Phone Dev Center and your submission experience will be smooth and efficient.

Important noteImportant Note:

Before you can submit apps to Windows Phone Store, you must register for a Dev Center account. To learn about the registration process, see Registration info.

Your XAP or APPX file is the package you'll upload on Dev Center, and which contains the executable file plus all the resources required to run the app. To learn about the info you will need, see Create your app info.

When you submit your app, you’ll upload different types of images to give users on the Windows Phone Store a visual taste of what it’s about.

  • App tile icon The image that represents your app on Windows Phone Store. This image is required.

  • Promotional images These are used if your app is showcased in the Store. These are optional but if you do not include them, your app cannot be featured.

  • Screenshots You must have at least one screenshot and you can have up to eight per resolution and/or language.

To see a list of available resolutions, see Upload and describe your package(s).

Windows Phone Dev Center makes it fast and easy for you to submit or update your app. Complete these two basic steps, and your app will be reviewed promptly.

  1. Create your app info

    What's the name of your app? Which category does your app belong in? How much do you want your app to cost? After you fill in the blanks for these and other questions, you'll be ready to upload.

  2. Upload and describe your package(s)

    Upload the necessary packages for your app, fill in the relevant details (language, description, images, etc.), and submit.

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