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The Windows Store has processes in place for how and when you get paid for the money your app makes. Here we describe the fees charged by the Windows Store, the prices you can charge, the different ways we categorize the money you've earned, and the sales threshold that must be met in order for us to pay you in a certain month.

Note  Before you can receive money from app sales in the Windows Store, you need to set up your payout account and fill out the necessary tax forms. (Money from apps listed in the Windows Phone Store is handled separately; you can set up a payout account and tax forms for those in your Windows Phone Dashboard.)

Store fee

When you sign up for your developer account, you accept the App Developer Agreement. This agreement explains the relationship between you and Microsoft as it pertains to selling apps in the Windows Store, including the Windows Store fee that Microsoft charges for every sale made.

When you sell apps through the Windows Store, we assess a Windows Store fee. In most cases, this fee is 30%. Fees are officially defined in the App Developer Agreement. Always review that document if you have any questions.

The Windows Store fee is applied to all app sales collected by the Windows Store, including in-app purchases. There is no fee applied to commerce that takes place outside of the Windows Store, such as using your own commerce engine or a third-party transaction provider.

Price tiers

The price tier sets the sales price in all the countries where you choose to distribute your app. You can offer your app for free, or you can pick a price that customers must pay to acquire your app. Price tiers start at .99 USD, with additional increments (1.29 USD, 1.49 USD, 1.99 USD, and so on). The increments between price tiers increase as the price gets higher.

Note  These price tiers also apply to any in-app purchases that you offer from within your app using the Windows Store commerce system.

Each price tier has a corresponding value in each of the more than 60 currencies offered by the Store. We use these values to help you sell your apps at a comparable price point worldwide. However, due to changes in foreign exchange rates, the exact sales amount may vary slightly from one currency to another.

Keep in mind that the price tier you select may include sales or value-added tax that your customers must pay. Your app proceeds are based on the pretax amount (that is, the price tier minus any included taxes).

International sales

If you sell your app in multiple markets, we'll convert all app sales to your currency at the time we issue payment.

Payment categories

In the Windows Store, the money you earn falls into one of these categories:

  • Reserved—money that is currently held and not yet available for payment. Typically, this money comes from the most recent sales. On average, funds remain in this category for about 30 days.
  • Pending—money that has been held long enough to move out of the Reserved category, and will be scheduled for payment next month (if the payment threshold has been met).
  • Available—the amount that we're planning to send to your payout account this month.
  • Paid—the total amount that has been paid to you already.

Payment threshold

To get paid from the Windows Store, you must have at least $200 in app sales pending payment.

It's important to understand the difference between app sales and app proceeds. App sales refers to the total amount collected by the Windows Store (minus any taxes paid by the buyer). App proceeds refers to the amount you'll receive. Basically, your app proceeds are the amount that you've sold, minus the Windows Store fee. For example, if you have an app that sells for $10, and you sell 20 copies during your first billing cycle, your app sales are $200. Your app proceeds will be $140 ($200 in app sales minus $60 for the 30% Windows Store fee).

The $200 minimum payment threshold applies to the total of all of your app sales across all markets. For example, if you have 10 apps, and each app has made $20 in sales that you haven't yet been paid for, your account qualifies for payment.

Your account will not be qualified for payment during the current cycle if you have not accumulated $200 or more in app sales from all of your apps.

Note  If you close your developer account you will receive a final payment of any app proceeds due, regardless of whether the $200 threshold is satisfied.

Tracking payments

The Windows Store includes financial reports with details about all of your transactions. For more info, see Tracking app sales.

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