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How to deploy an app using the Application Deployment tool for Windows Phone

March 06, 2013

Applies to: Windows Phone 8 | Windows Phone OS 7.1

With the Windows Phone Application Deployment tool you can deploy your app to developer-registered devices for testing before you submit your app to Store. This client tool is a stand-alone app that is installed when you install the Windows Phone SDK. For more information about how to install the SDK, see Get the SDK.

You can also deploy your app from within Visual Studio. For more information, see How to build and deploy a Windows Phone app using Visual Studio.

You can use the version of the Application Deployment tool installed in the Windows Phone 8 SDK folder to deploy apps that target Windows Phone OS 8.0 or Windows Phone OS 7.1. You can only use the version of the Application Deployment tool installed in the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 folder to deploy apps that target Windows Phone OS 7.1.


You can deploy up to ten apps on a developer-registered device. This limit does not apply to apps that you install from the Store.

This topic contains the following sections.

To deploy your app to a Windows Phone device, your device must be registered. For more information, see How to register your phone for development.

To use the Application Deployment tool

  1. Connect your phone to the computer.

  2. From the Start screen, launch the Application Deployment tool. You can find the Application Deployment tool by opening All apps view and locating it in the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 group, or by typing Application Deployment from the Start screen to search for it.

    The application deployment tool starts, as shown below.


    You can also run the tool from the following location:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v8.0\Tools\XAP Deployment\XapDeploy.exe

  3. In the Target drop-down box, select either Device or one of the emulator options as the target for the XAP file.

  4. Click Browse and locate the XAP file that you want deploy.

  5. Click the Deploy button.

    If the deployment is successful, the Status field displays XAP Deployment Complete.

To deploy an app to a Windows Phone OS 7.1 device, the Zune software must be installed on the host computer. You can download and install the Zune software from here.

After you connect your phone to your computer, Zune starts automatically. If Zune does not start, then start it manually. Verify that the Zune software recognizes the connected device before you deploy your app.

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